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About O2 Recycle for Business

What is O2 Recycle for Business?

O2 Recycle for Business makes it easy for Corporate customers to promote recycling. We pay top prices, ensuring secure collection for bulk devices and giving you and your business ways to raise cash to support your nominated charity or raise funds through recycling.

How is it different to O2 Recycle?

Both O2 Recycle and O2 Recycle for Business help customers to receive great value when they recycle. O2 Recycle for Business is specifically aimed at helping business customers small or big to recycle.

What is Think Big?

Setting up a local football team. Painting a community centre. Running a campaign to educate young people about knife crime. Young people are full of great ideas. They’re full of energy and enthusiasm. But they need help to turn it all into action. Training. Support. Money. Think Big is our programme to challenge young people to make positive changes in their community. If they’ve got a great idea, we’ll help them get going. We’ll give them support, training and funding to make it work.

To find out more visit www.o2.co.uk/thinkbig

How do I get paid?

If you have title, we can pay direct to you or your chosen charity by either cheque or bank transfer. If you don’t have title, we will pay 50% to Think Big and 50% to your nominated charity. Whichever you choose, as soon as we receive and process your order you'll get paid within 5 working days.

What is title?

Title is the part of your customer contracts which determine whether they own the device or whether Telefonica UK retains ownership. If your customer has title they can receive cash payment for their recycle orders along with the option to support their own charity or Think Big. If Telefonica retain title then the customer can still use O2 Recycle for Business to support their nominated company charity with 50% going to Think Big and 50% to their own charity.

How does it work if o2 hold title?

Along with helping Think Big your can support your nominated charity, giving them up to 50% of the recycle value.

What happens if I have title rather than o2?

You can choose to either get cash payment or to donate any money raised from your old devices to your chosen charity.

How do I know if I have title?

You will find this in your contract, or ask your O2 account manager.

I’m not yet an O2 Corporate Customer; can I still use O2 Recycle for Business?

Yes sure, O2 Recycle for Business will offer you a great service even if you are not currently an O2 customer.

Can I donate the money raised to our chosen charity?

If O2 hold the title to your devices, you can help their dedicated charity, Think Big and also support your nominated charity, giving them up to 50% of the recycle value. If you hold the title, you can give all the funds raised to your nominated charity or you can take cash payment.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can send?

No, there is no limit to the number of items you can send.

What security checks do you carry out on items received?

All items are checked on a database system called Check mend which checks if the devices are blocked or stolen. If they have a Checkmend red flag, we will contact you via the order processed email to let you know and advise of next steps.

Before you place an order

Is this going to take up a lot of my time?

No, placing an order will only take a couple of minutes, it will give you the satisfaction of knowing all of your old devices are being disposed off safely and ethically (landfill is not an option) and allow you to either get a cash payment (if you hold title of the devices), or donate money to your chosen charity.

How do I get a price for devices?

There are two ways to find out how much your devices are worth. You or your O2 Account Manager can go to www.o2recycle4business.co.uk and get a quote , or if you don’t have time you can order a bulk collection and we will collect and price your devices and then let you both know how much they are worth. Just call us on 0845 505 0166.

What if I am not happy with the price quoted?

We are confident we can offer you the best price for your devices. If you are not sure how much your devices are worth, we recommend you get a quote on the website before sending them in. Once your order has been processed you will be sent an emailing detailing its value. If you receive a value different than quoted you have 48 hours to arrange to have this returned. Please follow the instructions in the order processed email.

I have lots of devices and I don’t have time to get a quote – can I still recycle?

Yes. If you have a large number of devices and don’t have time to get a quote, you can request secure transport totes online from your account page. We will price the devices for you and contact you to let you know how much they are worth.

My type of device isn’t on your website. What can I do with it?

Unfortunately, if your device isn’t on the website we are unable to offer you any money for your items. However we can still recycle them, landfill is never an option.

How do I find out the manufacturer and model details?

If it’s a phone, take the cover off and look under the battery. The details are usually on a sticker there. For anything else, look on the outer case. If you can’t find the right details, email info@o2recycle4business.co.uk or call 0845 505 0166.

Do I need to send any accessories too?

Mobile phones: Send the phone and battery. We don’t need the charger, manual or anything else.

Digital cameras: Send the camera, battery and charger. (If you don’t send all three, we can’t pay you as much money. Read our terms and conditions).

iPods: Send the iPod and charger.

Sat navs: Send the main unit, any holder or cradle, charger, battery and manuals. (If you don’t send everything, we can’t pay you as much money. Read our terms and conditions)

Any accessories sent will not be returned

Do I need to send the SIM cards?

No please take these out before sending. If you send us a sim card, we can’t send your order back to you but we will make sure that all data is destroyed and it’s disposed off securely and sustainably. Make sure you transfer everything you need from your devices before your send them to us.

Do I need to pay to post my devices to you?

No - it’s free. If you have less than ten items we will arrange collection via a secure bag to ensure the return of your item at no cost. If you have more than ten items, we will be in touch to arrange for a secure tote to be dispatched to you and couriered back to us at no cost to you. We (O2 or Redeem) can’t accept responsibility for any devices we don’t receive.

What is the process for secure free collection?

Collection is easy and quick. Once you have placed an order, your secure tote will be despatched by courier the next working day. Each tote will have two security seals which are registered against your order number.

Here is what happens next:


For orders under 10 items, we will send a postbag to return your devices.

Can you provide certification of data destruction?

Yes. We are able to provide fully certified proof of data wiping. Just contact us for details.

Can you provide waste transfer notes?

Yes. We can produce waste transfer notes. Just contact us for details.

How do I know if my devices are in ‘working order’?

A device is in working order if you can switch it on and off, the screen isn’t damaged, and it hasn’t been damaged by water. Please note for your assurance all devices are thoroughly checked upon receipt of delivery and you are notified if damage is found.

How do I delete data from my iPhone?

To delete data from your iPhone please follow the instructions below:

  1. From standby select Menu > Settings > General > Reset
  2. Select Erase All Content and Settings
  3. Press Erase iPhone
  4. Press Erase iPhone

Handset will switch off and restart. This may take several minutes. Please do not switch handset off during reset.

After you place an order

I placed an order, but now I can’t click back to the order confirmation page to print it. What can I do?

Don‘t worry, we‘ve sent you a confirmation email with the order summary. If you have any difficulty in getting your order confirmation number email or call us: info@o2recycle4business.co.uk or call us on 0845 505 0166.

Will I get confirmation of receipt of my device(s)?

We’ll send email confirmation to let you know that we’ve received your items. This also confirms when payment to you or your chosen charity will be made.

I haven’t sent my order yet, but I still want to recycle. What should I do?

You can still recycle. The price we offered you when you placed your order will remain the same for 14 days. If it has been over 14 days since you place your order, you can simply place another order and use your new order number or give us a call and we can work it all out for you.

Will the price you have offered change between placing my order and receiving my payment?

The price we have offered you when you place your order will remain the same for 14 days. Your devices will be graded upon arrival and if there is any damage that affects the price we have offered, we will contact you. You will then have two days to accept our new offer or get your devices returned free of charge.

What if I’m not happy with my revised offer?

If your items receive a reduction we will contact you by email or phone. You will then have 48 hours to get in touch with us so we can arrange for the free return of your items.

What happens to my device once I have sent it in?

If your device is in good working order it’ll be data wiped, refurbished and sold on for reuse as an affordable means of communication, mainly in developing countries. Things that can’t be repaired are sent to be "end of life" recycled. The precious metals and other components that can be reused are extracted and any remaining materials are smelted for energy recovery.

O2 is committed to comply with the WEEE directive. Where possible O2 will ensure the reuse of old mobiles. If this isn’t possible, we’ll make sure they’re 100% recycled.

What is the WEEE Directive, and how does it affect me?

Did you know that in the UK we are increasing the amount of wasted electrical goods we throw away by 5% a year? Historically, much of the WEEE ended up in landfill, where toxins within it could cause soil & water contamination. The UK’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations came into effect in 2006 with the aim to make producers and suppliers of electrical goods pay for the collection, treatment and recovery of waste electrical equipment. It seeks to encourage all of us to recycle our waste electrical goods, and it requires retailers to allow customers to return unwanted items free of charge. O2 has been doing just that for several years.

Find out more information on how you can recycle

What are the environmental benefits of recycling my device?

When devices are thrown away they end up in landfill sites. They don’t breakdown or biodegrade and might pollute the surrounding soil or waterways, damaging plants and wildlife.

O2 Recycle makes sure that every device is 100% recycled. Landfill is never an option.

Why are my items showing as blocked / CheckMEND fail?

We are governed by the recycle code of practice details of which can be found on www.checkmend.com/uk/recycle. We are unable to return or pay for items which have failed Checkmend. If you believe this may be an error on Checkmend’s behalf please contact www.checkmend.com quoting your report ID number. If you are able to resolve this block please email support@checkmend.com quoting the above reference. We will hold your item(s) for 28 days to give you the opportunity to resolve this matter after which the handset(s) will be recycled responsibly.

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By using O2 Recycle you are also helping generate funds towards our Think Big initiative to help turn around the lives of young people.

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